Our YouTube channel, Youtube.com/Intellibeam just surpassed 500k views and broke the 1k subscriber mark! We had no idea when we started the channel that we ever would reach that kind of viewing. We thank all our loyal subscribers and viewers for making this milestone possible. Some analytics from the ~2 years the channel has been live for:

  • 1,083,616 minutes in watch time.
  • 95% Male, 4.7% Female, the other 0.3% lol.
  • 24% from the US, 5.6% from India, 4.5% from Brazil.
  • Our top video, https://youtu.be/Bd8MbZenOG0 , has been viewed 69,159 times with 287,172 minutes watched.
  • 2:08 Average view duration.

Thank you all and we look forward to hitting the 1 million mark!