A Notice for our Customers

Here at Intellibeam we have been watching intently as the Coronavirus has begun to affect all of us in the New England area. We wish to get ahead of the curve in offering solutions to keep your businesses and employees working while we, as a community, deal with the epidemic.
With the increasing need for isolation, flexible working conditions, and the ability to work outside of the traditional office environment we are offering a range of solutions that will give you the options you need to remain productive from anywhere.

To eliminate the need for spare equipment, confusing VPNs, and cumbersome access methods we are offering access to our remote connectivity solution Splashtop. This will allow you to access your work computer from a personal computer as if you were sitting directly in the office.

To streamline the process we have created the following video to assist users with setup once they have received a Splashtop invite: https://youtu.be/ZDkVlx1A73I

For any customer that we are providing VoIP solutions we will be able to configure extensions to reach out to external numbers, allowing you and your employees to take calls from outside of the office, via a home office or cell phone. Similarly, we can allow the ability to check voicemails from anywhere.

Any existing customer that is taking advantage of Office365 currently has the ability to check their email from anywhere via Outlook.com. Simply login with your work email address and computer password. Similarly anyone licensing the Office suite via an Office 365 subscription has the ability to install Office programs on up to 5 devices per user.

We pride ourselves on being flexible to customer needs/wants, if you have specific goals for keeping your office running smoothly amidst the Coronavirus, please reach out at your earliest convenience.