UniFi Cloud Controller BETA invites located in Eastern, Central, West USA & Europe from Intellibeam

We have concluded our own closed Alpha testing for our hosted UniFi cloud controllers located in Eastern, Central, West USA & Europe.

We are now looking for users to Beta test those servers. We have a version 3.2.10 & 4.6.3 controllers available at those locations. SSL certificates have been installed on all controllers as well.

We are making this round open to anyone who would like to request an invite. Simply send an email to info@intellibeam.com with the information below and we will send you an invite.

  • Email address.
  • Site Location requested; East (USA), Central (USA), West (USA) or Europe.
  • Version of the UniFi controller 3.2.10 or 4.6.3 that you would like to be on.

If your location is not listed, that doesn’t mean you can’t use our hosted controllers, just choose the one closest to you. We plan on opening additional controller locations depending upon the demand.

Anyone who Beta tests will get a promo code for 50% off hosting for a year when it goes live. In addition, 2 random users will get free UniFi cloud hosting for 1 site for the life of the program from us.

Any questions, requests for another location or version of the controller, feel free to ask!