Fixed Point Wireless

In addition to today’s popular mobile wireless technologies, Fixed Point Wireless (FPW) solutions comprising Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multi-Point, and Mesh topologies have emerged as an attractive alternative to traditional private and leased connectivity. The demand for cost effective metro, municipal, or campus connectivity is met with FPW options ranging from low-cost WiFi based systems to high-performance carrier-class infrastructure links.

Fixed Point Wireless is often an attractive alternative to the recurring costs, implementation delays, construction challenges and easement issues often associated with traditional carrier-based leased connections. Based on common wireless networking hardware, this low-cost option utilizes WiFi technology to deliver connectivity within Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multi-Point, and Mesh topologies.

High Capacity Wireless

With the advent of wireless bridging technologies in the 24-80GHz ranges we now have the ability to choose from Gigabit down to Fast Ethernet speeds at distances up to 6 miles. All of this while maintaining 99.999% uptime. These technologies often referred to as “wireless fiber” or “fiber alternatives” are a perfect fit for any organization looking to link facilities in industrial, metro, municipal, or campus environments regardless of business arena.


This breed of product offers customers the ability to utilize Fixed Point Wireless technology in areas where the direct line of sight may be hindered, obstructed, or impeded. Instead of ruling out FPW technology, look to NLOS products. Offered in a variety frequencies and speeds to fit most applications. Organizations requiring fast, stable, secure, and affordable infrastructure links can rely on Fixed Point Wireless as a rapidly deployable option capable of meeting and exceeding their business needs.

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